Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #9

1.       I think that it is important for teachers to tie technology to the objectives because this way there is a purpose to why the students are using the technology in the classroom. Many of our students spend a lot of time using technology outside of the classroom and I believe if we tie an objective to the technology the students are using in the classroom we can avoid the negative thoughts (“oh they are just playing on the computer”) outsiders might have about technology in the classroom.
2.       Having the objective tied to the technology gives the students a limit to what they can do while using technology in the classroom. Giving the students a task that they must accomplish while using the stations is a way in which you can hold them accountable at these stations and keep them on task.
3.       The two interactive websites that I liked were: Mangahigh and Tenmarks.
Mangahigh- During my student teaching I was introduced to this interactive website by my mentor teacher. I really enjoyed it because you can give your students challenges and I was able to see how competitive and how eager the students were to get on to mangahigh. I also liked that as the students progress the activities become more challenging.
Tenmarks- I was not able to log into the actual cite and explore through it but based on what I was able to see and the description read on the 11 tool website I really liked this website because the teacher actually creates the activities the students work on. This makes it to where your activities are related to your objectives and your students can go work on these activities during learning centers. It also seems like your GT students can learn beyond by exploring beyond while exploring videos you post in this cite. This website can also work as a reinforcement and checking for understanding since you are able to see the progress your student.
Holding Students Accountable
Mangahigh- assign challenges for your students to work on  and give them a deadline to when they must complete them all and you can also let them know how many challenges they should complete each day or while they are working on this station.
Tenmarks- You can do the same thing as mentioned above and you can also be checking your students progress. Having a centers journal can also hold the students accountable if you have them write what they do daily and have then tell you about any challenges they might encountered.
3 Apps from Itouch/Ipad

Some apps that I found that might be useful for my learning station were Arithmetick, AstroFacts, Chalkboard multiplication. During my student teaching I discovered that many students in the upper grades still do not know their math multiplication facts. Knowing these facts are essential when learning about fractions and percentages so I was thinking about implementing math fact challenges to my students and these facts will help them practice them before they have to come up and do the challenge.

Other ways in which the Ipod Touch can be used.
·         Recording videos for our online blog
·         Students record activities they are working on.
·         They can record and practice for a project presentation and watch the video and see what they need to improve.

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