Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #11

My favorite tools.
·         School Tube
·         Teacher Tube
·         Kids Tube
·         Story Bird
·         Wordle
·         Blogger
·         Google Docs
Bringing it into the classroom.
I know that for sure I will be bringing in blogger into my classroom if I want to collaborate with other classes on a project. I will also be using wordle as I retire words from my word walls in the classroom. I can assign a student to generate these and publish them on a brad folder that students can go back to and refer to these words. I can also post the wordle to the somewhere near the word wall.
Last words.
I believe that with every tool I was able to gain some knowledge that I did not before and I am so excited to bring them into my classroom. I am not a master at everything but I do look forward to coming back to the 11 Tools Blog for help.


  1. I appreciate your attitude toward learning! That will serve you well as a teacher! Never be afraid to ask for help. My saying is this; "You can become a master teacher, but you never master teaching. There is always something new to learn!"

  2. No one is a master at everything online! There's just so much out there! Just being aware of some of it and becoming comfortable with it is the most important thing. Keep looking for new things, but certainly don't throw out the old just yet.
    Congratulations on completing the tools! It's going to be a great year with all of our new devices!