Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #10

Being a Good Digital Citizen: What I want my students to understand.
1.       Students must understand that they must always be safe while browsing the internet.
2.       The effects of cyber bullying.
3.       The importance of copy rights
I plan to teach this by using the copyright video presented on the copyright tool and by presenting them with the Isafe fact sheet because it also covers the points I mentioned above.
Teaching: Digital Citizenship & Involving the parents.
I plan on teaching digital citizenship the first weeks of school. I think that it is important students to be good digital citizenships before they can start putting their hands on any technology device we might be using in the classroom. While going over safety, cyber bullying, and procedures on how to handle these devices. Together we will establish rules, sign in and out sheets, tech monitors. In the end of this all the students will have to sign a Digital Citizenship agreement along with their parents that will go over the SBISD technology policy, rules and procedures established by our class. This agreement will also inform the parents about how these devices will be used by the students in the classroom.

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