Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool #7

Green Bean Project
a.            Content objective: Which brand of soil will develop full grown green beans in the shortest amount of time.
b.            When you plan to implement: I plan to implement this in the beginning of the school year while going over the scientific method and keep this project going through the year.
c.            What tool(s) you plan to use: I plan to use Google docs to create spread sheets of the plant growth, a blog to post the data and pictures or videos.
d.            A brief description of the project: Both classes will conduct a science throughout the school year. Each class plant green bean plants water them the same day, same amount of water, plant will be kept inside the classroom. The only difference will be the type of soil each class uses. Students will record plant growth and they will share the data weekly. In the end the classes will determine which soil was better ( the one that develops full grown green beans faster).
e.                  If you need to find another classroom – I have done this project during my student teaching and I am trying to see if any of my old classmates want to do this again, or if any other teacher at WVE is interested in doing this just contact me.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! Ask around and see if there is someone who would like to participate with you. Just about every grade level does some kind of plant study, so you should be able to work something out with someone!