Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool #4

The last part of my student teaching I did at SBISD. I was introduced to Google docs by my mentor teacher. One of the assignments required the students to do a report on an individual that contributed in the Texas Revolution. At first I was going to have the students create a poster with facts about the individual they choose but after being introduced to Google docs the students did their work on the computer and submitted their work on there.It seemed really neat the only issue I had was that some students had to share computers and just computer time over all. Creating documents and being able to share them with your team member I think will be very beneficial when working on lesson plans or road maps because we can all work together and edit things in just 1 document.The document that I created and shared with my 5th grade team was a student contact information spread sheet. The form I created was just to see how each of us would like our homerooms to be identified as. I think I will definitely use the form app to create quizzes that they students might do during small groups to check for understanding.

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