Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tool #3

After browsing some of the video hosting sites mentioned in this tool the ones I found most useful for my content would have to be the following: -here students can watch the step by step process of some experiments that are available on this website. This might be helpful for visual learners or ELL’s.
Discovery Education -this site I used while completing my student teaching at SBISD.  Videos were useful to introduce new topics to students or as reinforcement. During small stations students could go back and search for videos related to the topics being studied in the classroom.
School Tube – by browsing through school tube I discovered  a video that made math look very hands on and I really enjoyed watching this and this is something that I know I want to incorporate in my classroom but was not sure how to. This video sure gave me ideas. I also believe School Tube is a pretty neat video hosting site that I could use in the future to share what is going on in my classroom with other teachers and parents.

Copy Right and Fair Use
Most of the things about copy right I already knew because of course in College professors always make sure to let us know about copy right whether it is a paper your writing or a presentation you need to always give credit to anything you use that you do not create. The new thing I did learn about is fair use and came from the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education video. Transformativeness is something I didn’t know about .This says that  if you are adding value and repurposing the material you used you really don’t have to cite.  Even though I now know this I think it will just be safe to cite anything used whether big or little or if it is change just to avoid any problems. I really loved this video and I think I would use it in my class to show my students about copyright and fair use.

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